Axel Zwingenberger

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The Joy of Boogie Woogie - european version


Axel Zwingenberger & Keito Saito:
piano duets and solo tunes in perfection!



The Joy Of Boogie Woogie - their love to this type of music  liaise Keito Saito with his role model and mentor Axel Zwingenberger.

The two understand each other musically with the certainty of a sleepwalker, compliment each others' piano playing to delicate, touchingly bluesful, often also frolic wild duets. In between each of them shows his solo skills. The almost aggressive but at the same time very emotional playing of these two pianists carries away and strikes our souls!


A real German-Japanese piano friendship!



Live recorded during their Japan tour in 2010.





1. The Joy Of Boogie Woogie

2. Osaka Welcome

3. The Fives

4. Blues For You

5. Chicago Breakdown

6. Boogie Men In Black

7. Boogie Woogie Journey

8. Blue Note Groove

9. New Boogie In The Barrelhouse

10.Bass Goin' Crazy

11. Boogiein' For My Japanese Family

12. Sakura Air

13. Tokyo Boogie Woogie Night

14. Rockin' Boogie Chat

15. Shinkansen Drive

16. Little Mio's Blues

17. Wild Horses Run

18. Shabu Shabu Swing

19. The Sheik Of Araby Boogie

20. How Long Blues



VRCD 8.14037