Axel Zwingenberger

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Hamburg Piano Summer - 4 Pianists - 1 Concert - tickets available!



After the big success @ Hamburg's State's Opera and @ Berlin Gendamenmarkt in the last years, the 4 pianists will be back in 2022 with a new programme!


Playing together or as soloists the viruosous Sebastian Knauer, Martin Tingvall, Joja Wendt and Axel Zwingenberger will show how variegated it can be to play the piano. Classic and Boogie Woogie, Jazz and Pop music will masterly liaise. Eight hands on two grand pianos will present to you a brilliant piano evening, as you've never experienced one before!


Here are the dates:



Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie

Sunday, 09.07.2023


hotline: 040 - 450 118 676


Mozart@Augsburg Das Festival
Wednesday 13.09.2023