Axel Zwingenberger

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BOOGIE WOOGIE - Piano solo


A complete transcription of VRCD 8.85007 »Boogie Woogie - live«. All 12 tracks originally transcribed, as Axel Zwingenberger plays. 144 pages.


It became a world novelty: Alex Opatrny had worked for several months to transcribe 12 original Boogie Woogie compositions by Axel Zwingenberger as detailled as possible, written out to the same standard as »classical« music. Up to that date there were just simplified scores of this style of music. Musicians raved about it and started to play - some of the tunes developed into standards on the concert stages.





1. Boogie Woogie Be With Me

2. Jump And Jive

3. April Mood

4. Blues For Sippie Wallace

5. Sunset Special

6. Eldorado Stomp

7. In The Heat

8. Make Me Call California

9. My Style

10. Blues On Top

11. Boogie Du Printemps

12. Goodnight Blues


ISBN 3-926398-01-9


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