Axel Zwingenberger

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Power House Boogie


Axel Zwingenberger on piano, harpsicord and celeste


Axel hasn't recorded so many fast tunes for any other CD! First album with just original compositions of Axel Zwingenberger.

Accompanied on some tunes by Roy Dyke (dr)

Recorded in Hamburg, May + November 1979


1. Power House Boogie

2. Blue Movie Bounce

3. D & F Blues

4. Blues On The Dark Side

5. Celeste Call

6. Barrelhouse Shuffle

7. Almost Albert's Way

8. Hamburg Hangover

9. Dreaming In Boogie

10.Low Down Bugle Drag

11. Dance Of The Crazy Elves

12. Boogie Demonstration

13. Torpedo Jive

14. Thinking Of Dagmar & Felix

15. Harpsichord Flyer

16. Harpsichord Blues

17. Rocking The Harpsichord

18. Hammerchord

19. In The Shadow

20. Edsel Run Boogie

VRCD 8.80011