Axel Zwingenberger

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Boogie Woogie - live


Axel Zwingenbergers first live solo album -
all original compositions!


Upon the great success of this album, obliging many requests fromhis fans, Axel Zwingenberger released transcriptions of all 12 of hisoriginal compositions presented here. It became a world novelty: up tothat date there had been just simplified scores of this style of music.Thus some of the tunes developed into standards.

Recorded in Munich, 1984/85


1. Boogie Woogie Be With Me

2. Jump And Jive

3. April Mood

4. Blues For Sippie Wallace

5. Sunset Special

6. Eldorado Stomp

7. In The Heat

8. Make Me Call California

9. My Style

10. Blues On Top

11. Boogie Du Printemps

12. Goodnight Blues

A transcription of this album is available as sheet music!
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VRCD 8.85007