Axel Zwingenberger

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Boogie In The Barrelhouse


Boogie Woogie and Blues solo and trio


Boogie and Blues in best Barrelhouse tradition, some tunes solo, others in trio with Axel Zwingenberger (p), Dani Gugolz (b) and Michael Strasser (dr)

Recorded live at Jazzland Club Vienna, March 1990


1. Boogie In The Barrelhouse

2. Easy, Squeezy!

3. Screwin' The Boogie

4. Great Big Legs, And How To Move 'em

5. Blue Note Boogie

6. Booker T.'s Blues

7. Blue Note Blues

8. KC Jiving

9. Fun For Felix

10. How Long Blues

11. Houserockin'

12. Storm Boogie

13. Our Hearts Belong To The Blues

VRCD 8.94020