Axel Zwingenberger

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Brothers In Boogie


brotherly dialogues in Boogie and Blues by Axel Zwingenberger on Piano and Torsten Zwingenberger on drums


These recordings originate from the seclusion of Torsten's studio - no pressure or influence from outside - an incursion into 25 years of making music together.

Recorded in Berlin, October 1997


1. Brothers In Boogie

2. Boogie-Mom & Woogie-Dad

3. Grandma's Stride

4. Johnny's Jumpin' Latin Joint

5. Long Lost Love

6. Champ Of Charme

7. H. M. Hop

8. Cooney's Cornet

9. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie

10. Rolling For Big Joe

11. Mo' A-Beat

12. African Groovin'

13. Low Lights

14. To Those Who Love These Blues

15. Fish Head Boogie

16. Rockin' The Philharmonic

17. In A Möller Tone

VRCD 8.99025