Axel Zwingenberger

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The Boogiemeisters


The two most influential pianists of the German Boogie scene on two grands - for the first time on CD! Blues and Boogie Woogie fireworks live - in front of an enthusiastic audience.


With their quite different individual piano styles, they almost devide their fans into two fractions. But Axel and Vince love and master the rare art of improvising together, having refined it in hundreds of joint concerts. Listen to the results of this deep musical friendship.

Mostly duets and some solos.

Recorded 1996/97


1. Boogie Woogie Country Girl

2. Welcome To Boogie City

3. The Boogiemeisters

4. I've Got To Move

5. The Dirty Dozens

6. Fantasy In Blues

7. Boogie For Real

8. Foot Pedal Boogie

9. Sixth Avenue Express

10. Midnight Hour Blues

11. Roll 'em Pete

12. The Higher We Jump

13. Low Down Dog

VRCD 8.99026