Axel Zwingenberger

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Saxy Boogie Woogie


Boogie Woogie piano and Rhythm & Blues saxophone - Axel Zwingenberger and Big Jay McNeely join forces for some real Jump Blues fireworks!


The latest release of Axel Zwingenberger - with Rhythm & Blues legend Big Jay McNeely on saxophone!

That's really cooking!

It'shard to believe that Jay even at the age of eighty blows his tenor sowild that it's unparalleled until today. The joy of playing andimprovising is truely befired - accompanied by the »Bad Boys«, Jay'sband (with Michael Strasser - dr, Michael Höglinger - g and PeterStrutzenberger - b), as well as Peter Kölbl - ts, Markus Toyfl - g andMichael Hudec - b. In between you'll hear some quiet Blues »just fortwo« (Axel and Jay) as a contrast to the band tunes.

Axel's piano playing with Jump Blues elements - a new favorite for your Boogie Woogie CD collection!

Recorded in Vienna, on June 27th and 28th, 2007


1. Saxy Boogie Woogie

2. Cool Heat

3. Greasy Groove

4. Big Jay's Jungle Jive

5. Night Ride

6. A Flat In The Basement

7. Ha-Yo Silver, Let's Go!

8. Just For Two

9. Tender Feeling

10. Truckin' Boogie

11. Ridin' The Cows

12. Blues Well Done

13. Barbecue Boogie Woogie

14. Just A Closer Walk With Thee

VRCD 8.08033