Axel Zwingenberger

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Lady sings the Boogie Woogie


Axel Zwingenberger the legal heir of the great masters, this time with Lila Ammons, the swinging voice with a heart full of blues!
This new CD is really grooving!


Axel and Lila explore the musical world, from which her grandfather Albert Ammons hailed as one of the grand masters, the classic Blues and Boogie Woogie.

On this CD you hear the first results of their musical partnership. Lila Ammons is particularly fascinated by songs of Blues divas like Sippie Wallace, Helen Humes or Julia Lee (all of them contemporaries of Albert's). Most of them are subtle masterpieces full of humor, as well as melancholy, which are rarely ever performed on the contemporary Blues scene. Axel Zwingenberger sets the profound musical basis for their vocal-piano duet. Together, they bring new life to this meanwhile almost forgotten treasure box of melodies and lyrics!

Axel with Lila, the grand daughter of Albert Ammons: 

Blues- and Boogie Woogie-piano and -vocals - pure!

Another collectors' item for Blues- and Boogie Woogie-lovers!

recorded July 29th and 30th, 2008


1. Central Avenue Boogie

2. Pleasing Man Blues

3. Whip It To A Jelly

4. Women Be Wise

5. You Played On My Piano

6. I Was Wrong

7. Voo-It

8. You Got to Know How

9. A Million Dollars' Secret

10. I Know It's Wrong

11. Snatch And Grab It

12. Chicago In Mind  (piano solo)

13. If You Hadn't Gone Away

14. Call It Stormy Monday

15. Trouble Everywhere I Roam

16. Lingerie Boogie  (piano solo) 

17. Bikini Babes  (piano solo) 

18. See See Rider

19. Bedroom Blues

20. St. Louis Blues 

21. Route 66

22. Everyday I Have The Blues

23. Down By The Riverside

VRCD 8.09034