Axel Zwingenberger, Boogie Woogie Pianist
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Axel Zwingenberger: A stage. A man at the piano. The music: boogie woogie
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Axel Zwingenberger





Axel Zwingenberger


British critics labelled him »Boogiemeister of the world«


author of the best selling photo book of steam locomotives »The Magic Of Trains«


the key figure of the Boogie Woogie revival, inspiring houndreds of pianists to learn and perform this music


founder of the charitable foundation for the preservation of monuments on rails »Kultur auf Schienen«

Engaged Citizen

sponsor and curator of

Bertini Preis e. V. Hamburg


»Boogie Woogie Session '76 - live in Vienna« The Complete Recordings

»Boogie Woogie Session '76 - live in Vienna« The Complete Recordings

New release of a legend: digi box with 2 CDs plus one DVD:
Axel Zwingenberger with Hans-Georg Moeller, Martin Pyrker, Torsten Zwingenberger and Vince Weber

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